The spiritual program Institute of Ayurveda, Ayur Ashram, the Centre and Foundation was founded the Since 1999 by Smajo Safić Gupta, Vaidya with the purpose of education and development in the field of the science of traditional Ayurvedic medicine. Through his complimentary lectures he has never given up on his calling and the efforts of “not selling out Ayurveda.“ One of the first and foremost principals of the Ayur Ashram Institute for Ayurveda is the raising of consciousness in people in the field of preventive health and the ways of healthy behaviors towards oneself and others. Health stems from the inner harmony of all aspects of the meaning of our lives, our thoughts, feelings and actions, which in themselves affect the sensible relationships we foster with our families, friends and colleagues. Ayurveda defines the lack of illness within the various aspects of life – in the field of psychology it is defined as mental health, in terms of physiology as the absence of pathological states and in the field of sociology it is reflected in our interpersonal relations. People, who live in areas where the system of modern western medicine is prevalent, need to be aware that their lives are significant, i.e., they should be happy and healthy. Human beings need to understand that the quality of their health and their emotions and mood have their roots in their thoughts and actions. Ayurveda offers the keys to good health through harmony with nature, simplicity and a general feeling of satisfaction. It connects us to the sources of creativity and happiness in the framework of our own awareness so that we can overcome our mental challenges for good. The World Health Organization (WHO) with its conventional medicine makes us continue to lead our lives in a wrong fashion (also dependent on the awareness and upbringing of the individual and its environment) and barely treats the behavioral roots of our problems. We simply take pills in the hope that our problem will disappear ignoring that the illness is a symptom of our imbalanced lives. Ayurveda or naturopathy (natural medicine) entail three phases of healing or the state of illness. These are Samsodhana (the process of cleansing), Samsamana (palliative care) and finally Nidanaparivarjana (the treatment of causes). In this way it does not only help with discovering the root of the physical state, but it also cures the state of the human soul and consciousness as well as conducting healing on the basis of the characteristics which are often the causes of illness or its various states. Ayurveda primarily guides the person to prevent illness, in other words, to raise their vitality.