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The Pancha karma program focuses on the endocrine, nervous, digestive, blood and skeletal systems. Ayurvedic medicine, in each chapter dealing with pathology, describes numerous healings after the application of the process in the therapeutic program of Pancha karma. Therefore, it is not surprising that the interest of scientists and doctors, in India and around the world, for this traditional therapeutic form – as a prevention, but also as a cure, rises. The processes are focused on fats flowing through the veins and lymphatic system. The primary goal of the therapeutic program is to cleanse the body of all impurities (toxins), and nourish the tissues, thus ensuring old age without chronic diseases. The amount of ama (toxin) is the first measure on the basis of which the Ayurvedic doctor, together with the patient, decides to apply the Pancha karma program. The therapeutic program also has an unusually strong effect on people suffering from multiple sclerosis, in chronic, allergic and autoimmune disorders and effectively affects the upper and lower limbs (arthrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, calcification, etc.); has an enhancing effect on emotional stability and productivity (stress-related illnesses). The program is recommended preventively in the fall and spring, and also in the post-operative phase. Herbal drinks (tea or juices) in consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor, a specialist in Pancha karma, include a diet for better cleansing of the whole body, especially in the treatment of chronic diseases. Modern science and Western medicine have taken over the procedures of Pancha karma for efficacy, as an adjunct therapy in the treatment of uncontrolled cell division – cancer. Pancha means five (Vamana, Virechana, Nasyam, Basthi, Utara-basthi) specialist therapies (karma) that are carefully and systematically performed under the strict supervision of an experienced, trained Ayurvedic doctor or technician – engineer of Pancha karma.

Vamana or vomiting therapy is performed in the early hours, when Kapha dosha predominates. After therapy, the patient is prescribed appropriate food to balance good physical condition. The Vamana process balances the problem of Kapha dosha: cough, asthma, poisoning, frequent angina and tuberculosis. Virechana or herbal therapy for cleansing toxins in Pitta dosha. The patient must drink warm water often, because it helps with problems with bile, liver, jaundice, constipation, swelling, headaches, skin diseases, fistulas, haemorrhoids, intestinal parasites, herpes and anaemia. Virechana is performed in the morning, between 8 and 9 o’clock, when Pitta dosha prevails. Nasyam, or inhalation therapy, is the process by which drops of herbal preparations or medicinal oils are passed through the nose. This detoxification method, known as shirovirechana, removes toxins accumulated in the head, in the sinus area, and is also applied to problems of the hard neck, throat, angina, nose and hoarseness. Basthi is a therapy based on Anuvasana medical oils that are taken through the anus immediately after taking food – niruha, also known as asthapana, involves the intake of herbal extracts. Basthi is the most effective process in the treatment of diseases caused by Vata dosha disorders such as: arthritis, rheumatism, muscle cramps, migraine – headache, mild constipation and bloating, chronic fever or cold, sexual dysfunction, kidney stone problems; diseases of the heart, spine and joints. Utara-basthi is a procedure by which medical fluids are introduced through the urethra – in men, or the vagina – in women, for problems such as: arthritis, gout (gout), muscle problems, osteoporosis, paralysis, low back pain, bowel disease, menstrual difficulties. In addition, this procedure can improve vision, reduce body weight in obese people and maintain slimness, slow down the aging process and improve general health.

Welcome to the land of “Dhanvantari Ayurveda” – India, which was known in the Vedic tradition for the God Dhanvantari (Avatar Vishnu) of Ayurvedic medicine. Believers of Hinduism worship it through prayer for the blessing of good health and good needs of the family. During your stay you will receive Ayurvedic programs as well as travel / tourism in India. Your stay in India is a combination of “treatment” and enjoying the beauty of a spiritually oriented country. Your Pancha karma program is fully “from airport to airport” (you get a voice translation for better understanding and feeling). The India program welcomes members of your family, friends, members of various associations, too. Ayurvedic treatment programs provide a good basis for patients not to move into a group of people with degenerative symptoms that are on the verge of health, such as reduced vitality, resilience and mental state and spiritual adjustment to the environment or poor interpersonal relationships, which in most cases negatively affect health. The Ayurvedic therapeutic processes on the list will be selected in agreement with Vaidya – the exact number of Ayurvedic processes within the Pancha karma program depends on the client’s demand or physical condition (vikruti) and lasts from 7 to 14 days, up to a month – including exacerbation, accumulation, spread, relocation, creation in a new place or new manifestations of the disease / condition of the client’s body fluids.

dr-gupta-ayurveda-1-AbhyangaAbhyanga is an integral part of the daily routine of the full body massage recommended by an Ayurvedic doctor for general health and well-being of the body. Abhi means in, according to, and ang which has its root in terms of motion. Abhyanga means that energy is released as toxins in the body move in the direction of the excretory system. A special role is played by special Ayurvedic herbal oils that are slowly warmed (snehana) and gently rubbed in order to maintain good health. Oils are selected according to the patient’s physical condition. The massage is extremely relaxing, and has a detoxifying effect, and strengthens and revitalizes the whole body, improves lymph flow and stimulates the immune system, which provides new body energy, calms and strengthens the nervous system.

Garshana is an ideal massage for people who have frequent disorders of Kapha dosha. To achieve friction on the skin surface, masseur-therapists use raw silk gloves. The procedure improves blood circulation, the supply of oxygen compounds to the cells, promotes the removal of accumulated toxins, promotes weight loss and opens clogged lymphatic pathways, which cause difficulties such as cellulite etc.

Ghee is a “royal” complementary process that is of great importance for the radiance and beauty of the skin (kanti), for strengthening the intellect, promotes longevity, has aphrodisiac properties and protects the body from various diseases. The process works specifically on rejuvenating the ojas (boosts vital juices), cleanses the vagina (yoni), cleanses the sperm (sukra) and soothes the Pitta Vata dosha (stimulates digestion). The process is very beneficial for children and the elderly because it purifies (abhisyandi) the lymphatic circulation. The process is prescribed by Vaidya, depending on the client’s condition in the context of the Pancha karma program.

dr-gupta-ayurveda-4-HastabhyangaHastabhyanga is a process, which is intended for pain in the hands, neck, shoulder girdle and other joints in the upper extremities (additionally and preventively balances blood circulation in the upper limbs).