Smajo Safić Gupta, Vaidya

Smajo Safić Gupta, Vaidya (traditional Ayurvedic therapist and doctor), and a specialist in Tibetan medicine – Sowa Rigpa (traditional doctor – Manpa), was born in 1960. to an unusual couple, a mother from (the former Yugoslavia) Bosnia and Herzegovina and a father from India. As a teenager, he spent spring school holidays in India, devoting much of his time to acquiring knowledge in temples. In his youth, he was actively involved in sports, basketball. His superior talent and journey was interrupted by an injury that directed him to find the purpose of his life. In India, the land of his father and ancestors, he discovers different spiritual worlds and Eastern methods of understanding human biological balance. As a Gandhi scholarship holder, he received his education from Ayurveda medicine in the Ramakrishna mission of the Vivekananda community in the Indian state of Sikkim. He was focused on the study of Naturopathic medicine through activities of practical acquisition of knowledge in Tibetan medicine – Sowa Rigpa. He gained most of his practical knowledge (herbal medicines) from the Rashtriya Guni Mission (RGM) – Rajasthan community (traditional healers), which are supported by the Indian government department AYUSH for their knowledge of botany and medical properties of plants – from their treasury of knowledge which comes from today’s Ayurvedic pharmacology. Since 1999, Smajo Safić Gupta, Vaidya, has been working at Ayur Ashram the Education Centre (the Founder and Servant leadership), and participate he has been working together with experts from India (professors, doctors, pharmacists, etc.), promoting Ayurveda through educational courses and studies for Ayurvedic staff. He promotes healthy and natural ways of living and healing through free workshops and public lectures. In his Ayurvedic practice he uses traditional acupuncture which is based on the naturopathic Sushiveda treatment technique (one segment of Tibetan medicine – Sowa Rigpa).

Smajo Safić Gupta, Vaidya the founder of the Ayur Ashram (the spiritual and education centre); It additionally protected the Dr. Gupta word brand logo, by with the purpose of development in the field of the Science of Traditional medicine – always open, professional and public activities – advocates an understanding of the importance of the environment to the human race. In their life path, every human being, through interpersonal relationships, should also know the living processes: socialization (birth, parents, environment); mystifications (abilities through which a person perceives himself and the world around him); cultivation (acceptance of the current culture and the culture of previous generations); humanization (sincerity, peace, communication and selfless help). He is the author of the Books “Ayurvedic Medicine for Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health”; “Integrative therapy Sushiveda acupuncture – Sowa Rigpa”; “Live through Karma and Reincarnation”; “Adivasi, Energy for a Happy Life”; and Booklets, the “for learning therapeutic methods and techniques in Ayurvedic medicine“ education manual and a large number of scientific articles on Ayurvedic medicine published in international journals or presented at professional meetings and congresses. He ensured the functioning of his profession in Europe – professional qualifications (NPQs) are intended to support the professional development of teachers and leaders for work in Europe. Additionally, he passed the statutory professional examinations (NPQs): Anatomy and Physiology, Hygiene and Health education, Quality in nursing care, Ethics and Communication.


In 2011 he was awarded a consortium of professional activities from India, in accordance with the standards of AYUSH, (Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy – AYUSH*, is a government body in India whose purpose is development, education and research in Integrative medicine) with the aim of educating therapeutic staff. At the invitation of the Association of Integrative Medicine of Slovenia – Europa, in 2013 he became the president of the Section of Ayurvedic Traditional Medicine. Smajo Safić Gupta, Vaidya, in 2019 received recognition from AYUSH for successful work in the field of Integrative naturopathic medicine. In 2021, has a special invitation – Ambassador of Yoga and Naturopathy in Southeast Europe, to help everyone who practices yoga every day, to bring yoga closer through the International Organization of Naturopathy (INO) for study-learning for Yoga therapists, and especially in the organization of International Yoga Day (IDY), 21 June. Ayurveda was once passed down through the chain of student heritage – from teacher to student, as omniscient knowledge. In the acquisition of Ayurvedic knowledge, the teacher initially plays a key role, but the key to success depends solely on the student who enters the “Temple of Knowledge” and lives and works as does Smajo Safic Gupta, Vaidya, through the “Temple of Ayurvedic Knowledge”, knowledge that comes primarily through the students, clients, and people we meet in life in general. Smajo Safic Gupta, Vaidya, through work and activity, commitment to working with people, wants to understand the person, and his sense of responsibility which keeps him inspired to explore various recognized natural medicine programs in India, in the Himalayas, Nepal and Tibet.


Namaste, Hello and Welcome

I am especially proud of my life path – self-knowledge of my reincarnation – mission and karma – activities, i.e., mission in this life. They know me from the world of basketball that as a young boy I was a great talent in this beautiful collective sport. Due to a sports injury to my knee, I had a short sports career and “during a sports break” I completed my graduate studies in basketball as a first-class coach at the Faculty of Sports in Ljubljana. After recovering from a knee injury, I started a basketball coaching period in Slovenia, where I live with my family. He started his professional coaching work in KK Litija and Sports student club Megaron, later continued as a mentor to coaches in ŽKD Šentvid and KK Škofja Loka, and together with top athlete Simon Rudež, introduced a new way of working in basketball – a combination of physical preparation and sports nutrition in KK Olimpija. In collaboration with Dr Brane Dežman at the Faculty of Sports in Ljubljana, he became a co-author of professional literature, primarily intended for work with the youngest. In Slovenia, I still collaborated on the project of development of Little basketball (the development of motivation in sport – project for children) with Mr. Janez Drvarič in the Basketball Association of Slovenia. I had a special relationship with my friend Jure Zdovac, as the first coach in his basketball school, in 1991 we organized an international basketball camp in Umag, Croatia and Portorož, Slovenia together. I also organized and professionally managed basketball camps and schools in Europe and the United States. At the invitation of the Basketball Academy in the USA, he led the project in Europe – Basketball and Secondary Education in the USA through NBA Europe s.a.s., based in Paris (The sponsor and partner Spalding). In the basketball project, what happened in society happened – everyone wanted to get work and money quickly, success in such long-term projects is not possible, just like in life.


After 1999, I retreated into spiritual and esoteric waters and today I am an Ayurvedic traditional doctor – Vaidya and a traditional doctor – Manpa, Tibetan medicine Sowa Rigpa. My first “and daily learning” comes from the state of Sikkim, where I fell in love and remain faithful to this love that comes from Tibetan medicine Sowa Rigpa. Sikkim situated in the eastern Himalaya, is notable for its biodiversity, including alpine and subtropical climates, as well as being a host to Kangchenjunga (most 35% of the state is covered by the Khangchendzonga National Park – a UNESCO World Heritage Site), the highest peak in India and third highest on Earth. Something little and beautiful and interesting place / environment Sikkim – modern Sikkim is a multi-ethnic and multilingual Indian state. The predominant religions are Hinduism and Vajrayana Buddhism. Sikkim accounts for the largest share of cardamom production in India, and is the world’s second largest producer of the spice after Guatemala. It is also among India’s most environmentally conscious states, having banned plastic water bottles “in any government functions and meetings” and polystyrene products (throughout the state).


The Kangchenjunga Himal section of the Himalayas lies both in Nepal and India and encompasses 16 peaks over 7,000 m (23,000 ft). Because of its remote location in Nepal and the difficulty involved in accessing it from India, the Kangchenjunga region is not much explored by trekkers. It has, therefore, retained much of its pristine beauty. In Sikkim too, trekking into the Kangchenjunga region has just recently been permitted. The Goecha La trek is gaining popularity amongst tourists. For generations, there have been legends recounted by the inhabitants of the areas surrounding Kanchenjunga, both in Sikkim and in Nepal, that there is a valley of immortality hidden on its slopes. These stories are well known to both the original inhabitants of the area, the Lepcha people, and Limbu people and those of the Tibetan Buddhist cultural tradition. In Tibetan, this valley is known as Beyul Demoshong. One of my wishes, and with a great prayer from God, is that I personally live more in the surroundings of Sikkim and that (if you are reading this) people with their great desire visit that beautiful country. Sikkim is a state in north-eastern India it borders Tibet in the north and northeast, Bhutan in the east, Nepal in the west, and West Bengal in the south.


Through these two (Ayurveda and Sowa Rigpa) traditional medical systems, I work today as a professor – I teach students and clients / patients. First of all, with my work, I improve people through natural therapies – guidelines, advice to get even better on the way to a good immune balance, happiness and health in the first place of psychological and spiritual feelings / experiences. Traditional medical systems are holistically focused on health, and its goals are to help people live long, healthy and balanced / vital lives through the main guidelines: disease prevention, development of higher awareness, diagnosis and integrative treatment of diseases. Through many years of work, I am proud of my mission – the activities of the therapeutic naturopathic program, I would dare to say that I perfected, i.e., patented two therapeutic processes Sushiveda (Sowa Rigpa) and Namimarmacikic (Ayurveda) through successful work with clients / patients. I perform both processes for two reasons. The first reason is the culture of people in Europe. Another reason for faster success is that both processes support the preservation of psychophysical condition, work of blood and lymph flow, muscular and nervous systems, and improve people’s metabolism in both a preventive and curative state of life. Sushiveda naturopathy therapeutic program (one segment of Tibetan medicine – Sowa Rigpa, a healing technique, already 4000 years old), which advocates living in accordance with the constructive principles of Nature on the physical, mental, moral and spiritual levels, advocating “Better health without drugs”. Sushiveda therapy program is a system based on the synthesis of Tibetan (Sowa Rigpa), Indian (Ayurvedic), Persian (Unani) medical systems. A special Acupuncture process uses very thin disposable needles. The needle enters the body painlessly and connects the body / health through meridians, i.e., energy channels, which are arranged anatomically and precisely according to the size of each body depending on the problem (the body meridians and problem vitality / health) person.


I developed the Namimarmacikic or abdominal process mainly because of the large increase in male prostate cancer and lymphatic cancer (Hodgkin’s lymphoma), and major gynecological problems in women. Namimarmacikic process with a combination of Ayurvedic and Sushivedic processes soothes, relieves and removes spasms in the abdominal area and soothes the intestines. Therapeutic process – the program is primarily intended for people who have Vata disorders such as constipation, kidney stones, vomiting, abdominal pain, gas, spleen disorders, gout and acid body. The process is very effective for people with prostate problems and women with hormonal problems, premenstrual syndrome and menstrual disorders. The success of both therapeutic processes (or several natural therapeutic processes) depends on the duration of the (chronic) problem and the general psychophysical condition of the person. The treatment experience is individual, as are the expected results, the program itself monitors the results of each client and we never make unrealistic promises. Through a therapeutic naturopathic program, you can improve the quality of your life and bring peace to your soul step by step. In my work, I am inspired by the desire to understand a person who is eager to change his life for the better. The Sushiveda and Namimarmacikic processes start the body energy, (the body meridians / vitality) because every stoppage causes a disturbance in the energy balance, which eventually leads to illness.


And lastly, what makes me happy is that I pass on a lot of joy / knowledge to the students so that through their future work they can guide health maintenance people, i.e., guide a person to change and the way of eating, be the rhythm of daily hygiene, lifestyle habits and exercise to maintain a healthy / vital state-of-life century. The patient must be treated and viewed as a PURUSHA (cosmic scourge) and not just as a body, and this means that through the natural therapies of Ayurveda and Sowa Rigpa medicine, the person is HAPPY. Happiness is not outside of us; it lives within us. Peace of mind is necessary for happiness, and even more so for health, which is the basis of a good life. All systems of schooling and education for every person on Earth, including for us, represent a part of our life experience that primarily enables us to have an important material existence that we often equate with happiness. In order for our life to become more meaningful, we realized that we should devote ourselves to changing ourselves. Changing yourself means learning! Experience can tell us that the time has come when energy and information are gradually and continuously spread by true teachers who teach all people around the world about their true nature and purpose of existence. Such a true teacher is the traditional medicine of Ayurveda and Sowa Rigpa, the tantric explanation for a happy and healthy life comes from good thoughts and daily work, as well as a positive attitude towards yourself and others. Being happy today is the foundation of our future. I never answer a client for the treatment recommended by their personal doctor or specialist – for which I am proud that “on that topic and approach” I also wrote the ethnical code of work within the Traditional Medical Sciences in Europe. For the entire therapeutic natural program towards man, it is very important that we all realize that Spiritual guidance is much more than psychology in the ordinary sense, and if true psychology should lead to spirituality. Spirituality requires that we transcend our mind and our thinking, not just be satisfied with our state of mind. To create the meaning of our own life is a kind of dialogue/thought between the inner and outer world. Life is expressed through many diverse details of life. When we look for a meaning in the inner realms of our life – in the working day, in congenial or not so sympathetic colleagues, friends, in happy or painful moments – when we look for it in ourselves and not outside, the quest deepens the experience of existence.