Nathuropathy healing

Welcome, the naturopathy therapeutic healing of Sushiveda, is a system based on the synthesis of Tibetan (Sowa Rigpa), Indian (Ayurvedic), Persian (Unani) teachings of traditional medicine. The client comes to therapies from the immediate area / place where the prescribed treatments are performed. Otherwise, the client will be accommodated in an apartment-hotel facility near the area where treatments will be performed, all that depend on the condition / disease of body fluids of the client’s dosha, for at least 3 days, and more than 7, 14 to 21 days. The naturopathy therapeutic program is on integrative and holistic and are based on traditional medical modalities, including herbal remedies. In addition to offering quality patient care, we believe in sharing medical knowledge widely and generously, we seek to provide a context for establishing a cohesive intercultural and interdisciplinary field of medical research and clinical applications that will result in collaborative efforts to develop integrative models of healthcare influences in the client. The naturopathy therapeutic program of Sushiveda is successful against conditions: bone, joint and soft tissue diseases: ankylosis, arthrosis, lower back pain, Ewing’s sarcoma, gout, calcifying tendinitis, contracture, osteomalacia, osteosarrosis, osteoporosis, rheumatism, spondyloarthropathy, stiff shoulder / calcification in the body; allergic and autoimmune disorders; reduces headaches and insomnia, pelvic pain, and effectively affects the upper and lower limbs (rheumatoid arthritis, calcification…); it is effective in postoperative conditions (heart attack or stroke, acute myocardial infarction, fascia…); it has an enhancing effect on emotional stability and productivity (stress-related illnesses).

The naturopathy therapeutic program of Sushiveda is carried out on the basis of a holistic approach the health of man, paying special attention to diet and lifestyle changes also as exercising with guidance; vacuum therapy, dressings from medicinal plants, the use of medical oils for acupressure massage, magnetic therapies and the heating process (moksha), so-called thermal acupuncture. For a special process of Acupuncture, very thin disposable needles are used. The needle enters the body painlessly and connects the body / health through meridians, i.e., energy channels, which are arranged anatomically and precisely according to the size of each body depending on the problem (the body meridians and problem vitality / health) person. One direction of the therapeutic program is to direct or upgrade the client towards Spirituality, a state of consciousness. Spiritual practices include meditation, prayer / contemplation to develop the inner life / peace of the individual. Such practices often lead to experiences of connection with the general reality of man with nature and the cosmos with a source of inspiration or orientation for a quality life. Most therapeutic processes begin or end with medicinal herbal hot baths or in a reduced steam bath-sauna / svedana cabin. It is important that we only accept one client or a maximum of two patients per day. The naturopathy therapeutic program of Sushiveda is made up of approximately 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon.


Tibetan medicine Sowa Rigpa, inspired by worldviews through the oldest religion Bon, which is older than Buddhism, reveals that balance and harmony are the keys to human well-being and happiness, as well as people and nature are not set as opposites, but as one unique, organic whole. While Ayurvedic medicine focuses on the knowledge/state of body fluids, Doshas – body fluids: Vata, Pitta and Kapha; in Tibetan medicine it focuses on the knowledge/state of liquids in body: Bile, Air and Mucus – Nespa gSum (Tri-dosh/three humours). Client with Bile condition (Vata & Pitta) – shows a disease of the stomach, intestines, heart and skin. The Bile condition, in humans, causes disorders in the form of constipation, bloating, sciatica, arthritis or insomnia along with psychological symptoms such as fear, anxiety and insecurity. The client is additionally therapeutically directed by the therapist to the flow of thoughts, which bring freshness and joy. Client with Air state (Pitta & Kapha) – expresses the disease in the abdomen, heart area and nose and throat area. Air state, in a person who is critical and angry, or a perfectionist, can develop symptoms such as: indigestion, heartburn, diarrhea, dysentery, hives, rashes or acne. The client is additionally therapeutically focused on giving and receiving lo