Welcome to the Naturopathy therapeutic Sushiveda program, which is a system based on the synthesis of Tibetan Sowa-Rigpa medicine and Indian – Ayurvedic medicine as well Persian – Unani medicine. Sowa-Rigpa commonly known as Amchi or Tibetan medicine is one of the oldest surviving and weldment medical traditions of the world. The subject of human body is finely explained in Sowa Rigpa with different chapters on embryology, anatomy, physiology and neurology in an appropriate manner with functions of each and every part of the body. A healthy body is typified as a state of balance of three humours (Nespa gSum), seven physical constituents (Luszungs-ldun) and three excretions (Tema gSum) in the body with complete harmony of five aggregates (five senses). The three humours are Air (rlung), Bile (mkrispa) and Phlegm (padkan), which are further divided into fifteen types of humours. Seven physical constituents are nutritional essence, blood, muscle tissue, fat tissue, bone tissue, bone marrow and regenerative fluid; the three excretions are stool, urine and sweat. Humours are the biological representative of five elements; physical constituents are the basic tissue elements of the body and excretions are the waste product of the body whose proper elimination is essential for good health. Healthy and unhealthy state of body is largely dependent on the balance and imbalance of these twenty-five elements due to proper diet and behavioural patterns. The treatment has four major sections ─ diet, behaviour, medicine and accessory / external therapies. Minor ailments can be treated with proper regulation of diet and behaviour only; a patient with medium state of condition can be treated with nature medicine like decoction, powder, pills, purgatives, emetics, etc. and in advanced stages disease can be cured by application of accessory / external therapies like moxibustion, venesection, fomentation, massage, surgery, etc. As mentioned above in the outline of disease all disorders can be condensed into three humours, accordingly the treatment of disease is also possible under three-humour basis. Buddhist rituals and mantra also play a very important role in the treatment of disease and in pharmaceutical process, etc. The client is never advised to ignore the treatment recommended by their specialist Hippocrates the doctor. The success of Sushiveda therapeutic program depends on many factors, primarily on time, or how long “health” or problems exist, whether the client has so far been treated and how, whether the problem is chronic, acute, degenerative or physical. The experience of the treatment is individual, as well as the expected results. The result depends on how long the problem is present, the lifestyle and the general psycho-physical condition of a person. This program monitors the results of each client and never gives false hope. Through the program, you can improve the quality of your life and bring peace to your soul step by step. The price of the therapeutic program is €40/30 minutes; an additional €20/60 minutes is intended for the performance of physiotherapeutic exercises, learning and conducting meditation, and advice on food preparation for the well-being of the whole health, and changes in the way of life / thoughts, the happenings of life in the Universe. The program is extremely effective both before and after surgery to Western medicine. It is also important that the client is constantly upgrading the physical well-being by changing eating habits. The Jyotish astrology is part and parcel of the therapeutic program. This does not only help us to grow individually, but it also helps to raise both the world and the rest of humanity to higher planes. All of our human problems come about due to a lack of genuine awareness, which is not only a lack of information, but also the failure to understand our real place in the universe. The latter is affected by the law of Karma and Jyotish, i.e., the place of birth and the environment in which we live. The whole universe is part of our own higher being – all human beings are connected to our own Self. All creations are only different forms of ourselves. They are like different leaves and branches of the same bark of consciousness. Real consciousness is the recognition of this unity through which we become aware of our own limitations and understand or see our Self as All. It is important that we only accept one client or a maximum of two patients per day. The therapeutic program of Sushiveda is made up of approximately 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon at the address where the Smajo Safić Gupta, Prof. Vaidya Dr. Manpa operate (Slovenia & Croatia, Nepal & Tibet and India). You are welcome to send us a description of your condition via our E-application (underneath contact online form) contact. We will respond as soon, as possible later than three days!

Welcome to the Ayurvedic treatment Panchakarma, which stems from the land of “Dhanvantari” in India. In Vedic tradition this particular practice of Ayurvedic medicine is linked to the God Dhanvantar. Ayurveda is not an ordinary treatment, but a ‘science of long life’. Kerala is the place to get authentic Ayurvedic experiences and holistic treatments for common illnesses to chronic ailments. Massage for back pains, numb feet, knees, and ankles at Ayurveda treatment is soothing and relaxing. Aroma-based therapeutic medicine oils and steam help your body in detoxification for health and rejuvenation. A conscious diet helps re-establish your body balance. Yoga and Pranayama sessions offered as part of the treatment help you change your lifestyle for the better. Welcome to the expert team of the Panchakarma program in Kerala under the direction of a doctor specialist in Panchakarma therapies / program, who can treat any critical issues of your body and totally change your body and life style towards a positive way. Their members will always take care of you and you will get special diet plan to follow which can bring natural energy and positivity in your mind at very affordable price, just like therapeutic program, accommodation, food and much more in one place. Dr. Gupta partner Panchakarma centre in Kerala offers package includes: Accommodation Room; Consultation by qualified Panchakarma doctors; Daily 3 or 4 ayurvedic treatments / process done by skilled 2 therapists; Ayurvedic food full board; Ayurveda medicines during treatment program period; Yoga (optional) and Pranayama; Local sight-seeing; Assistance in Kerala travel; Exclusive Ayurvedic cooking classes for long stay guests. Time of stay April-September, Single Room 00€ / Double Room 00€ / Single Room Deluxe 00€, per day. Time of stay October-March Single Room 00€ / Double Room 00€ / Single Room Deluxe, per day. Panchakarma is not only for detoxifying the body, but also for rejuvenation — strengthening the immune system, and restoring balance and well-being. It is one of the most effective healing modalities in Ayurvedic Medicine. It is recommended on a seasonal basis, as well as when an individual feels out of balance or is experiencing illness. Welcome, Namaste in Dr. Gupta partner centre Panchakarma where Out-patient treatment is appropriate and acceptable for Chronic disease management program: Psoriasis, Diabetes and its complications, Rheumatoid arthritis, Sinusitis, Asthma, Osteoarthritis, IVDP diagnosis, Weight loss programs, Skin diseases etc., through quality systems and outcomes driven Ayurveda medical care by specialists. Special treatments include: Preventive & Functional – Infertility treatment PCOS management (polycystic ovary syndrome, are irregular menstrual cycles, acne, hair growth, excess body weight). Ayurvedic fertility treatments regularise metabolism of the body, purify reproductive organs, maintain hormonal equilibrium, improve endometrium lining and receptivity, increase egg and sperm quality and stress relief. Ayurveda, through its medicines, diet and lifestyle modifications and Panchakarma raises a new hope after IVF failure. Ayurvedic treatment enhances the success rate of Artificial Reproductive Techniques (IUI, IVF, ICSI-ET) or increases the chance of natural conception as per cause of infertility. You are welcome to send us a description of your condition via our E-application (underneath contact online form) contact. We will respond as soon, as possible later than three days! Before coming to India, you can also call, chat with your selected doctor on WhatsApp or Messenger, who will give you information about your treatment program and also other information such as e.g., information about the visa, arrival at the airport transfer from Thiruvananthapuram International Airport to the Panchakarma your centre in Kerala.

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