Dr. Gupta products are identified with the daily practice of Smajo Safić Gupta – Vaidya. Dr. Gupta products are made of herbal formulae and a scent of love from Asian fauna, from the frozen Arctic in the north to the warm tropical regions in the south and from the highest mountain range of the Himalayas, between the Indo-Gang plains in the south and the Tibet plateau in the north. Each Dr. Gupta’s product has the formula of ancient Rishi (wise men). Rishis spent their lives in the forests and mountains of India, devotedly studying every aspect of nature. Their scriptures are preserved today as the Vedas – sacred writings. Dr. Gupta products carry the knowledge and teachings conveyed by Guni, traditional herbalists from India, known as “forest people”, carrying on the mission of Ayurvedic pharmacology.

Dr. Gupta products are enriched with the substance called Shilajit (asphaltum), which in Sanskrit means “the conqueror of the mountains and the destroyer of weaknesses”. It is collected in raw form and then further purified. After its modifying treatment, it becomes an essential ingredient in creating organic cosmetics that rejuvenates and restores the balance of minerals in the body, stimulating a happy life. It is an exudate, a substance excreted from the rocks, which is then collected by the people from the distant north of India. This raw material can undergo various forms of purification, depending on whether it comes from Himalayas, Tibet or Nepal. Shilajit is used in Ayurvedic pharmacology because it consists of 85 minerals, among which ion crystals, sodium chloride, triterpenes and humic acids are predominant.

The quality of Dr. Gupta products has been confirmed by clinical testing’s and some of the products have been patented within Ayurvedic pharmacology (which contains over 2,500 registered herbs). In Ayurveda, the calendar is measured over a specific season, which is not a measure of mechanical clocking, but a natural process. Therefore, some products are recommended to be used in autumn and some during winter or during hot days, depending on the climate of your environment. Due to the impact of climate change, such as the monsoon season, high temperatures and high humidity resulting from heavy rains, some products will be limited in availability.

In accordance with the technological progress, financial capabilities, environmental standards for the packaging of organic products, we aim to provide a natural product with adequate protection from external influences immediately after manufacture, during the transport and maintenance of the product itself. Today, junk is a growing problem all over the world, primarily due to packaging. Our mission is to raise awareness of the importance and connection with the environment, through the products of Dr. Gupta. Recycling glass, copper and wood packaging or re-using them should also be your mission. We are against animal testing and none of our products or ingredients has been tested on animals.

Dr. Gupta products are not focused only on the offer and usage of organic products: Ayurvedic oils, shampoos, creams, etc. We will also recommend products from copper for the purpose of good health, like tongue cleaners, glasses and dishes, etc., as well as usage of products from nature: honey, ghee, spice’s, etc. The purpose of image of Dr. Gupta’s products are symbolic, so that the photo itself communicates and gives a message from where the product itself comes and it shows us the important ingredient of the product, for our good physical and spiritual well-being. Dr. Gupta products are identified with the daily practice of Smajo Safić Gupta, Vaidya into Ayur Ashram in Europe. The upgrade work is founded word with brand logo Dr. Gupta under No.: 201770816 (protected brand names). The purpose of brand Dr. Gupta is to make a successful work – with activity, to the mother of Ayurveda in India and into a higher level towards Europe.

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