Ayurvedic oil Pitta

This aromatic Ayurvedic oil Pitta is a cooling blend of nine organic herbs by recipe Dr. Gupta including brahmi/gotu kola, guduchi and manjistha, in a base of sesame and sunflower oils. This oil is a synergistic blend of herbs are traditionally used in Ayurveda to address by removing excess heat while relaxing the tension associated with body energy Pitta. Pitta vikruti – body is mainly composed of tejas/agni and is regarded as the excitatory dosha, responsible for catabolism (breaking things down) and producing heat. It is thus-man responsible for digestion, tissue metabolism and vision, as well as boldness, arrogance, energy, and forbearance. A decrease in body energy Pitta is felt in low body temperature and digestion, while an increase results in a liking for cold, loss of strength, and fainting. Pitta (composed of the elements fire and water) is aggravated by anger, heat and pungent, sour or hot foods, while diseases include fever, jaundice, herpes and bad breath.

Pitta vikruti – body tends to be driven and ambitious and benefits from the break provided by a soothing massage, which is enhanced by the cooling and cleansing qualities of the herbs found in Ayurvedic oil Pitta. A daily self-massage benefits the skin, where the body tends to accumulate, supports healthy circulation and helps move toxins out of the system. Experience the soothing benefits of Ayurvedic Pitta self-massage oil. It’s extremely helpful also holds tension in the muscles and is relaxed by the therapeutic touch of a warm oil massage. Ayurvedic oil Pitta is a wonderful item to stock up on for the summertime, when body energy Pitta is at its highest. Select a size bottles: 0.25L €00.00; 0.50L €00.00; Suggested (for the whole body – for external use only), use write and taking orders via email: info@dr-gupta.in